Yoga for Mental Health Training at Workplace

Yoga for mental health training

Yogis have been indulging in a 3000-year-old practice that employs a variety of breathing techniques and postures. Yoga for mental health training has become popular in the workplace as it directly increases productivity and decreases employee absenteeism. Moreover, workplace wellness yoga helps improve productivity, communication, and morale while reducing stress, fatigue, and burnout. “Yoga is … Read more

Natural weight loss supplements Top 11 in 2019

Weight Loss Equipments & Accessories

DOS AND DON’TS OF WEIGHT LOSS: A healthy diet is key to effective weight loss. But besides physical activities, the natural weight loss supplements should also be considered to get that extra “boost” They are formulated to have vitamins, minerals, and nutrient concentrations which are found in nature. Therefore when they are taken with a … Read more


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