Child Height Predictor

Child Height Predictor, predicts the height of a child based on the height of their parents. The height of a human being can be predicted by a combination of environmental factors and genetics. The find out exact contribution of each is complex. As suggested by few studies the genetics may contributes 60%-80%. Mosft ofently, a child’s height depends on the heights of parens considering the regression toward the mean. By which it means that child than average is likely to have a taller or shorter parents.

Few other important factors that add to a child’s adult height:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Health
  3. Sports Activities
  4. Health and
  5. Age of the mother during pregnancy, etc.

Child Height Prediction Predicting a child’s adult height
Their are many methods to predict a child’s adult height, some more accurate than others. No matter how accurate the methods are, it is not a certain science, and it is always possible that a child’s height may deviate heavily from what is predicted.

Child height Calculator

Sex of child:

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