The now-famous green tea that many best green tea brands sell initially came from China. Green tea is obtained from Camellia Sinensis leaves and processed to retain its natural essence. It gained popularity due to its mild yet refreshing taste. Hence, its production and manufacturing soon started across East Asia.

Recently, green tea has continued to rise in popularity due to its anti-aging and detoxifying properties. So much so that now you can even find green tea flavored desserts and snacks. With the rampant spread of the Corona Virus, it has become even more important to boost our immunity.

KitKat Green Tea

The lockdown did take its toll on our exercise regime and eating habits too. So, if you’re having difficulty coping with your weight loss and skincare routine in this quarantine, don’t stress about it. We have the best green tea brands to help you get back in shape!

What are the benefits of green tea?

Green tea is one of the “healthiest” drinks according to research scientist in nutrition, Christopher Ochner, Ph.D. Green tea has several health benefits that include:

  • Weight Loss

Green tea is responsible for boosting metabolism rapidly. As a result, burning excessive fat. It has proven to be most effective for slimming belly fat if taken daily.

Ochner has the best hack for weight loss. He claims, if you replace a can of soda with 1-2 cups of green tea daily, you have 50,000 fewer calories to worry about!

  • Improves brain health

L-theanine- an amino acid present in green tea relaxes your brain and muscles without causing sleepiness, unlike caffeine.

However, caffeine is also present in green yet not as high as coffee or black tea. Caffeine acts as a stimulant and improves mood, memory, and brainpower.

  • Lowers risk of diseases

Green tea consists of natural antioxidants, mainly, Catechin, that protects the cell from damage by killing harmful bacteria.

Furthermore, it prevents free radicals from forming and eliminates toxins, hence reducing sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood.

Therefore, it also reduces the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and heart problems.

  • Anti-aging and good for skin

Meanwhile, green tea extract can easily replace your skincare products and essential oils. Naturally, present bio-molecules and useful chemicals help clear clogged pores, protect skin from UV rays, and make it firm.

Types of green tea vary from Matcha tea powder to premium blends like Japanese Sencha Fuji and Formosa Gunpowder. These delicious elixirs have high levels of antioxidants, tannins, and caffeine that have anti-aging effects.

Did you know that there are best times to drink green tea?

Studies have suggested that a person should drink around 3-5 cups of green tea daily. However, drinking at specific times during the day may result in producing the best outcome.

Hence, research has shown that people who drink green tea in the morning, not too early, are more likely to see the effects. Since green tea contains caffeine that acts as a stimulant, making the mind alert and attentive. Also, L-theanine that is responsible to calm your nerves and preparing you for the day.

If you are aiming for boosting your metabolism and digestion then make sure to drink green tea between meals. Preferably two hours before and after. But, keep in mind that drinking with your meal or just before it may reduce iron absorption. If you suffer iron deficiency, its best to avoid this time.

While green tea is best for weight loss try drinking it about 90 minutes before working out. It helps burn fat at a higher rate.

What are the best-tasting green tea flavors?

  • Lemon honey green tea

A classic and soothing blend of sweet honey and sour lemon will give you a punch of freshness.

Besides, a combination of vitamin C and medicinal qualities of honey is bound to fight off infections.

  • Mint green tea

As a matter of fact, mint improves digestion as well as cleanses your body of antioxidants. Mint green tea will uplift your mood with its crisp flavor and make you feel light.

  • Jasmine green tea

A jasmine flower may smell sweet and look elegant but it’s just as fierce as its benefits. It’s loaded with antioxidants that efficiently destroys free radicals and germs to protect your immune system.

Moreover, studies have noticed its positive effect on curing arthritis, revealing stress and blood pressure regulation.

  • Chamomile green tea

Chamomile flowers give you a pleasant taste when carefully immersed in hot water due to its delicate flavor.

Additionally, they help in relieving stress with its sedative and calming effect. Best green tea brands believe Chamomile green tea can replace sleeping pills and depressants.

  • Matcha green tea

Last but not least, many people prefer the earthy and nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness in matcha flavor. But that’s not the best part.

Along with excellent taste, matcha has high catechin content that protects the body from cancer cells, heart diseases, and diabetes. Also known to encourage weight loss.

Top 8 best green tea brands


This brand is one of the top best green tea brands due to its versatile and refreshing flavors. Moreover, reviews suggest that Lipton offers balanced and high-quality green tea in easy-to-use packaging. Also, it is available in packs of 20 to 100 green tea bags per box.

Furthermore, Lipton has several flavors, for instance, orange passion fruit jasmine, lemon ginseng, cranberry pomegranate, etc. Additionally, tea bags contain equally distributed, fresh green tea.

Also, it has no preservatives and is not mixed with any additives whatsoever. Moreover, it is easily brewed in two minutes. However, it contains soy and lectin, which most people don’t like.


Yogi is liked for its unique aroma and rejuvenating flavors. Yet another favorite of green tea lovers, it is one of the best green tea brands. Also, it claims to detoxify your body and get rid of extra fat.

Besides, Yogi tea is famous is because it is energizing, aids in weight loss, and is affordable.

Also, flavors available in this brand include classic, sweet tangerine, lemon ginger, and kombucha decaf.

The only con is that people usually prefer its classic flavor over other flavors.

Bigelow Green Tea

With its aroma and genuine quality, this family-based company’s green tea is homely. It has become quite popular as it is loaded with antioxidants and is quite budget-friendly.

Moreover, it comes in a range of flavors with individual foil pouch packaging. For example, matcha with turmeric, pomegranate, and mint. But, the feeling can be bland sometimes, and the quality of tea bags is inferior.

Twinings Green Tea

This excellent quality brand is rich in aroma and taste. Its jasmine essence is a perfect blend for freshness and relaxation. Some amazing flavors also include pomegranate, raspberry, and strawberry. Since it is available in a variety of sizes, it is ideal for the workplace. Issues with packaging are the only drawback.

Tazo Zen green tea with lemongrass
Tazo Zen green tea with lemongrass

This brand contains natural and immunity-boosting herbs like lemongrass and spearmint. Teabags are easy to use. It is suitable for digestion, along with other benefits. However, the price is slightly high.

Harney & Sons Japanese Sencha tea
Harney & Sons Japanese Sencha tea

Harney & sons continue to manufacture fine-quality and flavorsome premium green tea. With its best selection of green tea leaves, this brand is famous for its variety of authentic flavors.

It is conveniently packed with 50 tea bags per box. Each brews up to 6 to 8 oz cup of tea. The flavor is not strong enough; hence, steep for 1 minute for a light concoction and three minutes for a potent mixture.

The republic of tea
The republic of tea

This brand is available in various flavors, including spring cherry, ginger peach, blueberry, and lemon honey green tea.

An excellent metabolism booster, it improves digestion and relieves upset stomach. It has a stimulating effect, but reviews suggest that it might taste stale and bitter and not always so useful.


Soothing, refreshing, and energetic with a pleasant fragrance; this brand is also affordable. Some refreshing flavors include jasmine, gunpowder, and mate lemon. Moreover, it has no sweeteners or chemicals added. Therefore, it is good for the heart. It contains a moderate amount of caffeine that may cause headaches, less iron uptake, and nausea.  

The bottom line is that green tea is extremely beneficial for your body and is the best remedy in these depressing times. We hope our list of the top 8 best green tea brands has proven to be helpful.


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