Best Green Juice Recipes For Year 2020

Green juices are basically vegetable juices. If you do not like the taste of veggies these are your things. Green juices of course taste good and have all the good nutrients inside a single glass. And best yet you can drink it ice cold. Now,you cannot just squeeze any vegetable to make a green juice. That is why I have brought you some of the most delicious and healthy green juice recipe.

1.Green Goddess

Green Goddess Juice

Pretty nice name huh, It is by far one of the most popular and easy to make green juice or should I say green detox juice. It is very simple and does not require too much effort to make. Though the recipe change from person to person and blog to blog some ingredients stay common. The recipe is as follows.

Green apple-2

Ginger-1 inch(approx.)

Celery-6 stalks

Kale-1 cup

Cucumber-1(medium size or smaller)

Just dump all of this stuff into a juicer and it will be good to use.

Some even add chard leaves and spinach to make it even healthier and sometimes people even use carrot to make it taste better. You may even put mint leaves if you like. And as per your liking you may want to change the amount of what you put in and stuff but this is the basic recipe. You can experiment with it as much as you like.

2. Cabbage juice

This is the basic cabbage juice recipe.this one does not need a blender if you do not have one. This too is a good green juice and does wonders to your digestive system. To make this green juice follow the pointers given below.

  • 1-Boil some water in a pot.
  • 2-Put the chopped cabbage and the boiled water into a blender.
  • 3-Blend at till there are no solid particles of the cabbage left.
  • 4-Pour the mixture into an air tight jar or container.
  • 5-you can let it sit in there for about 2-4 days.this will help in fermentation of bacteria and do good for digestion.
  • 6-Cap the jar and store the juice in the fridge. This juice is best served when chilled.

3.Super green juice

This recipe does not need a juicer alt ho it can be made in a juicer , you can use a blender instead. And as for the pulp you can strain it in a mesh strainer.As the name suggests super green juice is super tasty and super healthy.

Ingredients are as follows-:

  • 2 oranges
  • 2 apples
  • 1 orange bell pepper
  • 5 mint leaves
  • 3 leaves spinach

Dump all of this into a blender with some water and blend at high speed. Then you just strain the pulp out and it is good to go.

#Ready-Made Green Juice Powder

—Feeling lazy and don’t want to put the effort in making these green juices. We have ready-made options for you too.

Give it a try. With this it will take seconds to make a glass of green juice. And it stays as healthy as the home made one.          Check it out just click HERE.

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