Holistic Nutrition the Best Diet To Lose Weight

Food has a strong emotional pull. It is on our mind and in our thoughts. In this, we will uproot the question as Holistic Nutrition the Best Diet to lose weight? 

The quest for optimum health is directly related to the wellness of our body, mind, soul, and emotion. Yet we struggle to stay healthy and look for quick-fix solutions when our body gets out of shape.

Our ‘Quick Guide to Nutrition’ has a ‘Holistic Approach’ which helps you bring back simplicity and satisfaction while eating to your heart’s content.

If, how to lose weight faster is something you constantly think about, if you are worried about your calorie intake and need a holistic diet plan, if you want to eat healthily, then the step-by-step approach is just the ideal read.

Before getting into the steps it is advised to be aware of your Total Daily Energy Expenditure using our TDEE Calculator.


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Who would benefit from this Quick Guide to Holistic Nutrition?

♦Diabetes♦Obesity♦Arthritis♦Heart disease♦High blood pressure♦Cancer♦Colitis♦Gout

If you are afflicted from any of the above health condition, you would definitely benefit from our write up of Holistic Nutrition the Best Diet To Lose Weight which emphasizes on:

Weight loss and weight management – “for increased confidence”

Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure levels – “for a hearty lifestyle”

Increased energy levels & Improved mood – “for a positive outlook”

Improved digestion and relief from constipation – “for a stress-free life”

Strengthened immune system – “for a balanced appetite”

Balanced blood sugar levels – “for a great living pattern”

Improved skin tone and texture – “for a glowing personality”

Better sleep – “for a better everyday life”

Step by Step guide to Holistic Nutrition the Best Diet To Lose WeightA step-by-step approach to holistic nutrition and healthier eating:

Holistic Nutrition the Best Diet To Lose Weight

1. Eating in Moderation Best Diet to Lose Weight

To be able to make good food choices, begin with the end in mind. At the end of every nutritious meal, you will feel healthy, hearty and happy. So remind yourself of the benefit of eating your favorite food in moderation.

  • Holistic Nutrition the Best Diet To Lose WeightNon-vegetarians – Salmon is a good option for fish-eaters as it tastes good and also manages to make you feel full with relatively few calories.
  • Vegetarians – Kale is one of the most nutritionally dense vegetables you can eat, it contains good amounts of minerals, vitamins, and cancer free fighting compounds.
  • Weight loss is a slow process. It is easier to lose weight if you remember that there is no crash course when it comes to losing weight faster.

2. Eat unprocessed, whole food Best Diet to Lose Weight

Food in its simplest form always tastes good. Always eat a banana, carrot, apple, celery, melon, grapes, avocado, or your favorite fruits or vegetables in the way nature intended – raw and unprocessed.whole food Holistic Nutrition the Best Diet To Lose Weight

  • Blueberries – Packed with antioxidants blueberries help obese men and women with metabolic syndrome to balance their blood pressure and maintain cholesterol level.
  • Complete nutrition has to be thoughtful. Healthy food ideas work only when they are thoughtfully implemented. Cheating on food is not a fair approach.

3. Eat healthy fats Best Diet to Lose Weight

Healthy fats should be an important portion of your daily meal. Most nutrition experts would advise you to avoid artificial fat-free foods and instead advise you to have whole foods with healthy fats, like olives, nuts, clarified butter, flaxseed oil, or organic canola.avocado

  • Avocado – It is creamy, rich, and not like butter a good to have food which can be eaten all on its own, and you don’t need to worry about its fats. Avocados can actually help in suppressing feelings of hunger as they are full of in protein and fiber.
  • Ultimate Nutrition is a habit which leads to a healthy body and a peaceful mind. Weight loss program and diet plans will benefit if you are determined on a healthy lifestyle.

4. Eat less sodium Best Diet to Lose Weight

Reduce the intake of salt and processed food as sodium consumption is one of the key factors in developing hypertension or high blood pressure. Keep the salt shaker off the dinner table.salt

  • Lemon juice – Many times when a recipe tastes flat, it requires a little acid – not salt. Add a squeeze of lemon to salads, steamed or sautéed veggies, grilled fish or chicken, sauces and soups.
  • Motivation to lose weight is derived from your inner self. It is only your body, mind, and soul which can motivate you to lose weight slowly and steadily. Counting calories to monitor your weight loss regime will be effective only if you have a solid inner soul which motivates you to act on your plans.

5. Eat organic food Best Diet to Lose Weight

Organic food saves you from the health hazards caused due to pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and hormones. Organic food also tastes good.

  • Organic FoodPeanut Butter – Organic peanut butter is a pretty healthy fat source if you keep your portion size in check. Unlike non-organic peanut butter, it does not contain hydrogenated oils used for increasing shelf life.
  • Flat stomach diet is more of an advertising gimmick. Our well being depends more on the quality of food, the intake of fluid, personal hygiene and mental well-being. The idea of a well-maintained body adds to your confidence and motivates you to get into a routine of maintaining a healthy, hearty lifestyle.

6. Lose the sweet tooth Best Diet to Lose Weight

Even if you are on a weight loss regime you need not have to curb your desires for sweets to live a healthy lifestyle. But a commitment to change the way you have sweets.

  • Dark chocolate and Nuts – Let go of the processed candy, bakery cakes, and the packaged cookies, and sweet tooth a Holistic Nutrition the Best Diet To Lose Weightbegin changing over from healthy sweet snacks to wholesome snacks like fruits, nuts, and dark chocolate.
  • Body cleanses diet is a very sought after diet plan. Every eating decision is based on the proportion of our food intake. The body needs to be conditioned to a defined eating habit complimented with exercise, yoga or simply walking for a few meters daily. Body cleansing should be a natural process and should be defined by a routine.

7. Drink enough water Best Diet to Lose Weight

In its purest form, drink eight glasses of water a day to promote good digestion and health. However, avoid alcohol and all caffeinated beverages, to compensate for the water loss.

  • Water – Drinking water at-least half an hour before eating your daily meal helps you feel fuller; that means drink water a Holistic Nutrition the Best Diet To Lose Weightyou’ll be less likely to scarf your food down. Drinking a glass of clean water will moisten your mouth, and clears the remaining tastes from previous food, drinks and helps in avoiding smoking in anticipation of the coming meal or snack.
  • A liquid diet is not a permanent thing. For a quick loss of fat, a liquid diet is considered to be a fast remedy. But our body requires solid and liquid food in proportion. The liquid diet regime will leave you feeling tired, low on energy level and may even lead to loss of appetite. The liquid diet would be ideal if you are traveling and also if the new locations food option doesn’t suit your appetite.

8. Eliminate all white food Best Diet to Lose Weight

While on a diet regime or otherwise, many holistic nutritionists will recommend the elimination of white flour, sugar, and rice. Instead, when purchasing bread’s, cereals, rice or pasta since the white variations are defiant of most of their nourishment and fiber, choose only whole grains which provides the right kind and amounts of carbs.

  • white foodsWhole grain Pasta – The pasta with whole wheat or whole grain will help enhance your daily fiber and protein consumption, and help to make you feel fuller for a longer time.
  • Applied nutrition aims at the application of food and nutrition sciences for improving the nutritional standards of dietary intake of the people, particularly the vulnerable groups consisting of children and expectant and lactating mothers. Applied nutrition should not be confused as a weight loss diet program.

9. Watch your food-portionsBest Diet to Lose Weight

Even when you’re eating healthy food, it’s still important to be mindful of your portion size. Parting with your daily calorie consumption into smaller grits consumed more frequently throughout the day sustains your blood sugar levels, sustains energy levels, and promotes the performance and efficiency of your metabolism.

  • sharing foodShare a meal – Buy an appetizer and divided the main course with another person when you go out for a meal. divided an order of fries with everyone at your table. To have just the right amount for weight management divide into four people and enjoy a few bites with all.
  • Weight loss supplement is considered to be a therapy with no strings attached. It has its own pros and cons. When results stop coming out, or your workouts become more of a routine than something you are excited about, then the primary thing is to stay focused. The idea of immediately shifting to consuming weight loss supplement may be ideal only if combined with a thorough workout schedule.

10. Indulge in Healthy Holistic Fun menus Best Diet to Lose Weight

Avoid fast and convenient food products. Instead, indulge in learning and mastering the art of cooking.

  • Soulful Cooking – Experimenting with simple ways to prepare meals for yourself will help you relish your food as you tend to put your heart, soul and thought into what you cook.
  • Intuitive eaters let go of the misconception that certain foods are good or bad, and eat what they want without feeling guilty. Their eating is based on signals from insides like hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. For them to be able to change their eating habits a holistic fun menu is an ideal way to control their intuitive eating habit. “Loving your food is good for health.”
  • Healthy Menu a Holistic Nutrition the Best Diet To Lose WeightHaving a varied, balanced, nutritious diet gives both health and pleasure. A rigid, restricted, rules-founded diet does not. Rigid diets conduce to drive to struggles with food guilt, further adding to a loss of pleasure in your meals.
  • Refusing yourself meals you really like because you’ve marked them as “myth” can drive to overeating or out-and-out binging on “forbidden” foods.
  • If you love real ice cream but try to replace it with a sugar-free, low-fat, frozen blend you may end up eating the whole lot in search of the satisfaction and still remain unsatisfied. But eating a single scoop of the good stuff slowly and mindfully will satisfy you more.
  • Inculcating true mindfulness in eating and in life requires practice, however, there are a few steps you can take right away in that direction… “Let us eat to our heart’s content without losing our minds”.
  • “The most important thing is to do what is right for us at that moment while being receptive to the flexibility of our needs.”

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