Regular Soda Vs Diet Soda

Regular SodaDiet Soda

In the debate of regular soda vs diet soda, it is clearly proven that none are good for health, despite the fact many of us find it hard to resist them entirely and favor to choose the ‘lesser evil’. Nonetheless, the subject of which one of them is less harmful is debatable, and certainly, diet varieties can be evenly harmful as regular drinking soda, just in different ways. Here’s a breakdown of the difference between regular and diet drinking soda that will help you make an informed decision next time you pick up that soft drink.

Diabetes and Drinking Soda

Regular Drinking Soda

Diet Drinking Soda

A standard can of a soda such as Coke carries nearly 10 teaspoons of sugar. If you consume 1-2 daily, you increase your risk of becoming diabetic by 26%.While diet varieties are preferable for diabetics, studies have shown that consuming artificial sweeteners can exacerbate a diabetic state by increasing the body’s glucose intolerance.

Weight and Drinking Soda

Regular Drinking Soda

Diet Drinking Soda

A single can of soda contains almost twice the daily recommended intake of sugar. One can of soda a day, will put you on with an extra 2-7kg (4.5-15.5lbs) a year. In addition to this, you are consuming ’empty’ calories which do nothing to satisfy your hunger so you will still want to eat afterward.Studies have shown that even so-called diet sodas can lead to weight gain when consumed without a diet plan or regular physical exercise. The artificial sweeteners cause our brain to want more sugar, making it search for the ‘real thing’.

Heart Diseases and Drinking Soda

Regular Drinking Soda

Diet Drinking Soda

A 2012 study found that drinking one can of soda every day can increase your risk of a heart attack by 20% when compared to ones who never drink it at all. Also, the research found that you put yourself at risk of developing obstructive lung infection associated with asthma and smoking because of the more sodas you drink.In several studies comparing people who drank diet soda daily, against people who didn’t drink soda at all, it was discovered that diet soda drinkers are 50% more likely to develop cardiovascular problems, leaving them more prone to heart conditions and strokes. A separate study also concluded that daily consumption of diet soda raises your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by 48%.

Oral Health and Drinking Soda

Regular Drinking Soda

Diet Drinking Soda

Ordinary sodas contain acids that dissolve the enamel of your teeth and lead to tooth decay, plus the bacteria in our mouth thrive on the sugar. This is why drinking soda is double-trouble for your teeth.Many of you may think that diet sodas aren’t harmful to your teeth because they don’t contain sugar. However, they do contain phosphoric acid, which damages protective enamel, leaving your teeth more prone to attack from harmful bacteria.

Neurological Effects of Drinking Soda

Regular Drinking Soda

Diet Drinking Soda

In 2002, researchers from the University of California found that the consumption of high levels of processed sugar that which is found in soda can decrease the generation of the protein responsible for neural growth, causing ‘Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor’, which affects memory creation and learning processes.Researches carried out as early as 1987 found that synthetic sweeteners, such as Aspartame (which is used in Diet Coke), are dangerous to the neural nervous system, as well as the spinal cord. These sweeteners have been associated with mood swings and headaches.


It’s hard to reach a definitive conclusion regarding which soda is the ‘lesser evil’, as both present their own health problems and it is difficult to find any benefits of either. If you only take one thing away from this comparison, it’s this: You shouldn’t be drinking either of them.

That said, if you are diabetic, diet soda is the preferred drink of the two, as long as you limit yourself to no more than a few cups each month and avoid other sugary foods. If you’re not worried about your weight and prefer to avoid the damages artificial sweeteners cause, stick to regular soda, but don’t consume it in large quantities.

Quit sodas all together and replace them with natural juices, plain soda water, or a healthy fruit-infused drink if you really want to stay healthy.

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