Ovulation Calculator

Menstrual periods differ from woman to woman and month to month. This Ovulation Calculator will calculate to know when you might be ovulating to know your most fertile days for the next 6 months.

Always having knowledge of your most fertile days can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Normally a menstrual cycle is of 28 days long, but it differs for each woman. There are nearly 6 days while each cycle when you are like to get pregnant. These are called your most fertile days. This calculator will help find out which days are most fertile for you.

Please note that this ovulation calculator provides an estimated window of your fertillity and there is no guarantee of pregnancy.

Fertility windows are different for any woman and can also vary from month on month for the same female.

Disclaimer: This calculator and all information on website may not taken for a medical advice. Please Talk to doctor for planing for pregnancy and check birth control that works for you.

Calculate ovulation

First day of your last period

Length of your cycle

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