A Healthy Way to lose weight for Men

Happy Girl Dancing on Heart Pulse LineThe World Health Organisation(W.H.O) describes health as “A state of physical, emotional and social well being and not  merely an  absence of a disease.”


  • current hectic lifestyle.
  • Pollution
  •  Unhealthy food habits,
  • Irregular work schedule
  • Academic pressure
  • All these factors have greatly contributed to the deteriorating state of health.
  • A friend who is a health-conscious person and follows a daily exercise routine somehow is unable to lose weight. I then realized sometime how much ever we may diet or exercise we are unable to lose weight.


  • Women post 40 years too are facing innumerable health issues leading to depression, weakness, anxiety, anemia, etc.
  • The women related diseases and health issues are on the rise.
  • The children and adolescents too are facing medical issues like thyroid, depression, obesity, juvenile diabetes, etc.
  • .Being young they are unable to understand the impact of these ailments on their bodies.

It thus becomes difficult for the parents to deal with the hormonal changes and disease of the child. . The medical science has advanced tremendously to meet the challenges of fatal diseases like Leukaemia .Still the number of diseases also found to be on the rise.  They have a great impact on people of all the age groups.

  • Heart of Fruits and VegetablesIn order to meet the increasing challenges of the competitive work world
  • To cope with deteriorating health issue.
  • The people are adapting to the holistic approach of self-healing with the right foods and meditation.

    As per one of the holistic approaches, there are 7 chakras in our body.These  are the main energy centers of our body.
  • Each chakra is influenced by the foods we consume.
  • These chakras sometimes get blocked and create an imbalance in the body. These imbalances can be healed by consuming the right kinds of food. The study of chakras along with respective paired food gives great insight.
  • It gives understanding of different foods needed by our bodies.
  • It tells us how eating right foods can help us stay healthy fit.
  • It thus helps us  build greater immunity in our body that helps us to fight diseases.This is the most relevant aspect during this time of covid pandemic.
  • The details of each chakra and its paired  food required to maintained body balance is shared below:

Human Body with all the ChakrasMuladhara or Root Support Chakra:

Muladhara or Root Support ChakraFunction: It is located at the base of the spine and represents our foundation and grounding.

It supports our survival instinct.An imbalance can cause problems with the digestive system, fear,shaking  legs, etc.

  • Foods: To balance this chakra think of RED
  • Foods like apples, beetroots, tomatoes, strawberries, pomegranate and raspberry.
  • The  underground roots like sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, garlic ,beet root, onions , ginger, turmeric.
  • Protein foods like eggs ,beans, nuts, fish and lean meats.
  •  Spices like paprika and horseradish.

Suggested meal: Purple potato salad with fiddlehead ferns


SACRAL Chakra or SVADHISHTHANAFunction: Controls our intimacy and  emotions.

  •  creativity
  • helps us pursue our passions .
  • Imbalance causes depression, lack of drive, backpain, etc.
  • Foods like carrot, oranges, Orange pepper, peaches, apricots, sweet potatoes.
  • Omega 3 rich foods like salmon, nuts and seeds and coconut and cinnamon.

Suggested meal: Coconut, orange, and mango smoothie.


SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA or ManipuraFunction: It represents our personal power

  • will powour goals etc
  • .Its imbalance causes feelings of  insecurity, ulcers, etc.

Foods: Yellow foods like Bananas, pineapple, corn, lemons, yellow curry, brown rice, rye, beans, vegetables, sprouted grains.

Suggested meal: Mango, grilled corn and black bean salad.


HEART  CHAKRA or Anahata

  • HEART  CHAKRA or AnahataFunction: It is a center in which we feel Joy compassionand love.
  • It is a pathway for a relationship
  • Its unbalance causes low self-esteem, Paranoia, low energy digestion, etc.

FOODS: Green and raw fruits .

  • Organic greens, fresh green juices, salads, green smoothie, broccoli, spinach, cucumber, green tea, avocado, lime, mint, pears, kiwi, spirulina, green apple, etc.

Suggested meal: Avocado, strawberry green smoothie bowl.


THROAT CHAKRA or VisuddhaFunction: This helps our ability to express ourselves and to speak.

  • It is located in the throat and focuses on the energy.
  • It has an expression in intuition, integrity, honesty, etc.
  • An imbalance can cause blockage in communication, sinus, etc.
  • FOODS: Blue foods like blueberries, blackberries are a good source of fiber ,antioxidants and vitamins.
  • liquids like coconut water, herbal teas, raw honey lemon and fruits like apples, pears and plums are excellent sources.

Suggested Meal: Homemade elderflower syrup.

3rd EYE CHAKRA or Ajna

  • 3rd EYE CHAKRA or AjnaFunction: Located on the head.
  • It helps in perception and is the center of wisdom and light.
  • It helps in our ability to grow and desire to constantly learn.
  • Its imbalance can cause a lack of direction or purpose causing tension, headaches blurry vision, balance problem and sleep disturbances.
  • Foods: PURPLE food
  • Fruits like grapes, purple Kale, blueberries, purple cabbage, eggplant, coco are  rich in flavonoids.
  • They boost serotonin to relieve stress and inflammation.
  • These brain foods help to regain focus.

Suggested Meal: Raw Cocoa +  Almond Energy Bites.


  • CROWN CHAKRA or SAHASRARAFunction: It is located on the top of the head
  • It represents spirituality and self-realization.It’s imbalance causes confusion, disconnection, depression, sensitivity to light, etc.

Foods: It mainly focuses on fasting and detoxification than on food

.Its more focus is on the spiritual aspect of the bodies and the mind

The detoxification helps to flush out toxins thus the energy clears the mind.

  • The meditation and yoga are excellent ways to strengthen and heal this chakra for peaceful mindfully and quietness amidst noise n chaotic life. 

Suggestions: Meditation and medicinal herbs, as well as essential oils like sage, lavender, frankincense, and Janipur, helps in balancing this chakra.

Having understood the different chakras and respective foods and their roles in the body balance I found that all these foods form a part of a balanced diet. It is required for a body to function smoothly and maintain a healthy life.

The question here is WHAT IS A BALANCED DIET??

Balanced DietA Balanced Diet:

Our body needs foods essentially from  five kinds of important food groups for proper functioning and health which includes

1. CARBOHYDRATES: Carbohydrates are energy giving foods. There are two types of foods.

  • We have high carbs and
  • We have low carbs.

Low carbs are very beneficial for weight loss and diabetes. Healthy high carb foods are needed for providing energy to the body specially to the athletes, growing children and people with active lifestyle.

FOODS rich in carbohydrates: Processed foods, sugar, refined grains..these are junk foods

Healthy high carb foods include whole fibre rich foods like oats, quinoa seeds, bananas, sweet potatoes, beetroots, oranges, blueberries etc.

Carb foods to avoid to loose weight…

Wheat Bread and White BreadBreads…

  1. White bread (1 slice has 14 gms of carbs)
  2. Whole Wheat bread(1 slice has 17 gms of carbs)

Depending on carb requirement of a man/woman a single sandwich a day could put near or over per day carb requirement.


Fruits like banana, raisins, dates, mango, pear and dried fruits are rich in carbs.Thus many fruits too have to be eaten in limited amount when on a low carb diet

4. A person following low carb diet should avoid high starch vegetables like corn, potatoes,sweet potatoes,beets etc.

  1. e) pastas and spaghetti should be avoided if on diet..and if consumed should be in very low amount as they have a very high  carbohydrate content.
  2. f) morning breakfast cereals too are rich in carbohydrates even without milk.Oatmeals,whole grain cold cereals etc as few examples.
  3. g) beer is fairly high in carbs( 12 ounce or 356gm of beer has 13 GM’s carbs) per can.

h)sweeten yoghurt contains upto 47 gm of carbs if added with fruits.A person on diet can consume half cup of plain green your God with half cup of blueberries or raspberries this will keep digestible comes under 10 grams.

I)juices are not adviced on low carb diet .eg  368 gms of  unsweeten apple juice has 48 gms of carbs. Fruit juices contain more carbs and vegetable juices.

j)a variety of vegetable salads can be used when on a low fat diet for example 2 tablespoons of fat free French dressing contains 10 grams of carbs where else an equal amount of salad with the fat contains 11 grams of carbs.

  1. k) natural forms of sugar like honey,maple syrup,agave nectar are high in carb.
  2. l) on a diet it is best to avoid chips and crackers which are very high on carbs

m)milk is fairly high in carbs and if one of enjoys milk n is on diet than must use unsweetened smoothies with almond or use coconut water.

  1. n) gluten free diet have become very popular because it causes diseases of auto immune system and causes the gut to flame due to gluten.It is best to prepare low carb baked foods using whole foods,almonds,or coconut flour

In spite of being on low carb diet there are many men who do not lose a desired weight. 

  • There are other factors besides diet which contribute to the weight loss .
  • The ketogenic diet is a low carb high fat diet that causes weight loss and provides numerous health benefits.
  • This is  a detailed beginners guide.” The ketogenic diet 101 written by Rudy Mawer helps to give a complete diet plan to lose weight along with yummy recepies.

2) PROTEINS….. these are essential nutrients also known as building blocks of the body tissue,muscles,skin,hormones and also serve as fuel source .

High protein diet helps to tame ones hunger there by helping to lose weight

  •  reduce belly fat
  • lowers blood pressure
  • fight diabetes etc
  • . example that one can have is fish. that is rich in Omega 3S.
  • lentils that give fibre as well as protein .
  • walnuts on your salads and almonds on oatmeal

Best protein foods rich in nutrients and lower in saturated fats and calories are lean meats like chicken and seafoods,beans,soya, low fat diary,eggs , nuts and seeds.

Some high protein foods for diet are :

Half cup low fat cottage cheese 14 grams

3 ounce of Tofu 9 grams,

half cup cooked lentils 9 gms

, 2 tbsp natural style peanut butter 7 gram or almond butter 6.7 gram ,

3 ounces skinless chicken breast 26 gram

fish fillet 17 to 20 grams

, one ounce cheese 7 gram

, half cup kidney bean 7.7 grams,

one ounce almonds 6 gram,

one large egg

,4 ounces low fat plain yoghurt 6 grams,

half cup oats have 13 gms

,one cup of chopped broccoli has 3 gms,

3 ounce of cooked lean  beef has 22 gm of proteins,

a cup of tuna contains 30 gms

,one cup of quiona has 8 gms,

whey proteins ( different brands available in Amazon) per serving contains 20 to 50 gms

,Ezekiel bread contains 4 gm protein per slice

pumpkin seeds,chia seeds flax seeds and sunflower seeds are rich in protein and  many nutrients besides iron, magnesium and zinc

,4 ounces of soya milk has 5 grams

peanuts are very high in protein and thus can help reduce weight,

4 ounces low fat milk provides 4 gm of proteins

3) FATS…a very rich source of energy but when consumed in high proportion can lead to many ailments like  obesity, heart problems,etc

Fats maybe of two types saturated fat or animal fat is that class of fat which has higher viscosity and energy content.

Due to the poor solubility issues they are associated with heart diseases. Unsaturated fats or vegetable fat naturally occurring  show highest solubility in water and are easily broken down by the metabolic machinery .

Trans fats are less soluble like saturated fat

For  years it has been believed that eating fat makes one gain weight, rise cholesterol and cause a range of health problems

Now it has been known that it is only bad fats which create havoc  like arteries blockage ,fatigue

.Good fats are needed to protect brain and heart.

In fact healthy fats Omega 3s are important for the physical and emotional health.

Like proteins, vitamins, me minerals, and  carbohydrates certain DIETARY fats are also important.

  • They are needed in the body . These fats help to provide energy ,absorb  vitamins and protect heart and brain.
  • Healthy fats play an important role to manage moods, stay on top of your mental game fight fatigue and control weight
  • Dietary fat plays important role in cholesterol levels.
  • ” cholesterol is a fatty wax like substance which body needs to function properly”, but too much of cholesterol can have a negative impact on the health
  • .HDL (high density lipid)cholesterol is a good cholesterol found in the blood .LDL (low density lipid)cholesterol is a bad cholesterol.
  • It  shows that the levels of LDH has to be kept lower  than  HDL.
  • HDL protects  against heart diseases and stroke. Conversely high levels of LDL can also  clog arteries if not absorbed properly in the body. low HDL can also  make an increased cardiovascular risk.
  • .As fat is an important part of a diet it is important to focus on good fats and limit our diet from harmful. 
  • Good sources fats are:  canola, peanut, seaseme oils,  avocados, nuts like almonds , peanuts, macadamia , hazelnuts ,beacons cashews , peanut butter ,sunflower and pumpkin seeds ,flax seeds ,walnuts fishes like Salmon , tuna ,mackerel herring , trout .and fish oil, soybean and sunflower oil ,Soya milk ,tofu etc.


5 ) MINERALS…….vitamins and minerals are considered as essential nutrients.

They are  also known as protective foods because they perform hundreds of functions  in the body.

They help to strengthen the bones .

Heal wound and ,improve immune system.

It also converts food into enery.

It repairs cellular damage and help our body fight diseases .

Proteins , carbohydrates and fats are known as macronutrients.

 Minerals and vitamins are often called micronutrients

.Although our body need them only in small amounts in ,their absence the body becomes susceptible to  different kinds of diseases.

Vitamin C is needed for bleeding gums and and Scurvy.It is obtained from citrus fruits like lemon, Amla,oranges etc.

vitamin A is needed  for proper functioning of the eyes and prevent blindness. It is present  in carrots,beetroots etc

Another important vitamin is vitamin D,deficiency of which cause softening of bones and rickets. Sun basking helps in getting vitamin D .It also helps in absorption of calcium in the body.

We get these from milk green leafy vegetables etc

Folic acid or iron supplements in early pregnancy helps to prevent brain and spinal birth defects in the offspring.It is also given in case of anaemia

The mineral Fluoride helps in healthy teeth keeping away dental cavities.

Although vitamins and minerals both are micronutrients there is a slight difference.

In the sense that vitamins are organic and can be broken down by heat or acid

whereas minerals are inorganic and retain their chemical structure.

Thus minerals in soil and water easily find their way into the body through plants ,fish, animals and fluids.

But it is difficult to get vitamins from food and other sources into the body because cooking, storage and  simple exposure to air can  reduce these vitamins .

Vitamins like Vit B and Vit C are water soluble vitamins and are easily lost during washing of fruits and vegetables if they are cut and washed

.Also during cooking in order to avoid their loss we cover and cook and lemon is added just few mins before we put off the flame

.But nevertheless what is essential is that theses  vitamins are very important for the body. FAT soluble vitamins get entry into the blood and travel through  proteins.Water soluble vitamins are absorbed directly into the bloodstream as food and broken down during digestion because much of the body contains water.

These vitamin circulate easily into the body and excess amount are removed by kidney from the body .

They  release energy, produce proteins and cell make collagen with help of these vitamins. Fat soluble vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin D,vitamin K and vitamin E.

They help to build bones, protect the body

.FAT SOULUBLE VITAMINS………. keep your eyes , gastrointestinal tract and nervous system in good repair .

  • They also make bones strong ,protect vision, interact favorably in the body. vitamin E is needed for storing vitamin A .They also  protect the body by acting as antioxidants.
  • Fat soluble vitamins are stored in the body for a long period so toxic level can build up
  • .Hence  supplements of these vitamins must be taken only under medical supervision.
  • The body needs and stores large amounts of major minerals
  • .Some major minerals travel to the body in different ways.
  • Example potassium is observed in the bloodstream freely and excreted by the kidney.
  • Calcium is more available because it requires a carrier for absorption and transport
  • Some important minerals are calcium ,chloride, magnesium, Phosphorus ,potassium ,sodium, sulphur
  • . They maintain the proper balance of water in the body.
  • Calcium ,Phosphorus and magnesium are  important for healthy bones .
  • Sulphur helps to stabilize protein structures .
  • We must not overload our bodies with sources of calcium because excess calcium ionsvtgen get deposited in our bodies creating bone problems if not excreted properly from the body.
  • The excess sodium in the body is excreted through kidney when the body sensors indicated it’s greater concentration in the body which too is harmful if not removed. 
  • Iron along with protein forms Haemoglobin which carries oxygen in the blood. Chloride help strengthen bones and prevent tooth decay .
  • Zinc helps in blood clotting .
  • Copper helps to form several enzymes Iodine helps in thyroid functioning.
  • But all these minerals have to be taken in proper amount
  • .All the supplements my only be taken under medical guidance because exceeding many levels can cause harmful effect on the body.

Beside these main food groups we also need:


 It is a fibrous substance that is  undigestive and  a material in fruits and  vegetable foods .

  • They are the  foodstuffs which help the easy passage of food and bowl movements.
  • They remove waste products from the body especially the alimentary canal.
  • It also helps in flushing cholesterol and harmful carcinogens out of the body.
  • High fibre diet improve health and helps in weight loss .
  • There are two types of fibres , insoluble fibre is the one which does not dissolve in water and  which helps to prevent constipation.
  • It is found in whole grains,cereals ,vegetables like carrot , celery and tomatoes.
  • Second are soluble fibres which dissolve in water and help to control blood sugar levels ,reduce cholesterol.
  • They are found in Barley, oatmeal , nuts and fruits like apples, citrus fruits and pears.
  • Fibre studies have highlighted that eating a high diet fibre can help to boost immune system.
  • It improves overall look and  helps to improve digestive health.
  • Thus  preventing hemorrhoids ,gallstones, kidney stones,  it also reduces heart diseases by reducing the risk for metabolic syndrome related to diabetes
  • . It also helps to lower blood pressure and improve levels of HDL and shed excess weight around the abdomen.
  • Fibre also helps to reduce diabetes type 2
  • .It is  also suggested that eating a high fibre diet helps prevent colorectal cancer. The evidence is not  conclusive yet..
  • .It flushes  toxins out of the body and helps to improve the health and appearance of the skin
  • .The  fibre is  advice as a part of the diet which helps to lose weight and maintain a healthy way
  • . It also helps  us to feel fuller and the fibre stays longer in the stomach,thus  the feeling of fullness last for longer during the day
  • .It thus  helps us to eat less thereby helping wright loss.
  • High fibre fruits and vegetables are low in calories so including them in the diet helps to reduce calories.
  • It also helps to regulate blood sugar levels .There by maintaining body fat burning capacity, avoiding insulin.
  • They,also it helps to remove fat from the digestive system at a faster rate
  • . So it can be observed  that when you feel up on high fibre foods there is more energy for exercise
  • .It helps to avoids insulin spike,and prevents craving for unhealthy foods


  • ..As per  the NPM commands  water consumption habit is  different for different individuals
  • .Total water intake of 3.7 l for the average adult male and 2.7 litres for the average adult female is very important to transport nutrients in the body.
  • It also helps to maintain body temperature.
  • Water needs vary from individual to individual and depends on numerous factors like activity geographical location, temperature ,daily activities,etc
  • .we also possibly lose water from a body in terms of urine and sweat.
  • In order to prevent dehydration we have to drink adequate amount of water. Health authority  commonly recommend 8 ounces glass is equal to 2 litres or half a gallon which is known as 8 by 8 rule and is very easy to remember.
  • Some believe that we need to sip on water constantly throughout the day even when we are not thirsty.
  • One study in women show that a fluid loss of 1.36 present after exercise impaired mood and concentration increases
  • .The studies show that the dehydration of 12 3%from  body is caused by exercise .It can also have negative effects on performance leading to reduced physical and mental performance
  • .Drinking water about half an hour before meals helps to reduce the number of calories as we end up consuming less food especially in older individuals.
  • Also study shows that dieters who drank 17 ounces or  500 ml of water before each meal loss 44% more weight than compared  to those who did not  drinkwater.
  • It can cause temporary increasing of  metabolism and drinking half  an hour before meal  for each male can help make automatically less calories which will help to reduce weight .
  • We also know that certain foods also have water like  fruits , and vegetables also have water which contribute to the total water intake in our body.
  • Water balance has to be maintained in the bodyduring certain circumstances. Back after exercises there is increased sweating,  in dry climate etc the intake of water becomes more.
  • The water requirements also increases during athletic training.
  • The simple guidelines for drinking water is : drink when you are thirsty .After exercise make sure to drink enough water and fluids with electrolytes to compensate for the loss fluids .

The calorie requirement differ for different age groups and we need to be careful while eating and selecting our food .


It is the unit of measurement of energy ( heat).Here it describes the amount of energy provided by a food that we consume.

Women needs around 2000 to 2500 calories approximately a day, a man needs 2500 to 3000 calories a day ,the child requires 1000 to 1500 calories a day. calorie requirement depends on different factors like age ,work, weight and height ,lifestyle, climatic condition etc

In order to loose weight a woman needs to consume 2000 calories and man needs to consume 2500 calories


  • Also the method of cooking used helps greatly in loosing weight .
  • Low fat cooking techniques helps to reduce  saturated fat in foods.
  • Lower the amount of calories which is useful for weight control. Some of the cooking techniques which are used instead of the conventional oil fry methods are Roasting and Steaming.

We could try roasting meat or chicken or fish of vegetables in the oven .

For shallow frying we can use non stick frying pan or wok with very small amount of oil such as canola sunflower

.Its measure with a teaspoon per person rather than just pouring oil

A little water can be added to prevent it from drying .


Steaming vegetables and chicken or fish after marinating with green masala also helps reduce calories


A method to prepare fat free foods using heat.Here we can choose lean cuts of meat or trim pieces .

In the roasting ,  in a baking dish with little  of water and  spices, herbs, mustard oil  can be used as  marinade to prevent the drying  out. cover it with Aluminium foil for the part of the cooking time to retain moisture


  • Wipe them with with the clean paper or treat them with unsaturated oil ,then use baking paper on the tray for easy cooking time .

Take meat out 10 minutes before the vegetables are done .cover them which  help them  to stay moist.

  • Trim all visible fat  before cooking and remove chicken skin .Add lots of vegetables.
  • After cooking change the casserole so that if any fat that is  left will remain  behind.Also the  harden fat on the surface  thickens and can be removed.
  • If you are in a hurry drop in some ice cubes to thicken fat. Use less  fat variety of cheese instead of blended cotton cheese.
  • Icing sugar or without Vanilla is a grave alternative for light milk which can be made by powder skimmed milk instead of cream for flavour.
  • We can also add some corn flour to thicken if needed. Reduce the amount of cheese .we can use  parmesian cheese ,it is more flavoured and is needed less and hence less calories.
  • Use unsaturated margarine instead of butter.
  • On diet to reduce fat use  light  spread. Use a variety of  cooking oils like sunflower ,olive oil ,. natural oil in cooking with a teaspoon and do not put it directly
  • .Reduce the amount of oil used.
  • If possible use cottage cheese, humus ,avocado, unsalted and  spread as alternative on bread
  • .Reduce fat,varieties of milk, yogurts  and cream to lose weight. . Use lemon juice to create desired flavour.

Considering all the above factors now it becomes easier to follow a proper diet plan and exercise.

Hence for a man who wishes to maintain a healthy and disease free life with a lean , glowing  physical appearance he has to consider all these factors. Then he should adopt a particular diet plan and exercise regime.

Below is a one example of a diet plan given by the diet expert Anjali .This is for a ready reference as an example on food pattern to be followed by men  while on diet

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