Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose a few extra pounds, your best choice is to follow a regular and extremely punctual exercise and diet plan. For that matter a Vegetarian Diet Plan for weight Loss can be a excellent option. Most of us starting out have the common misconception that the lesser you eat; the better it is for your body. But that is completely FALSE. It is always best to do anything slow and steady. Depriving your body of proper vitamins and proteins is the biggest mistake you can make in your weight loss journey. Never go into starvation mode!

Why choose Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss?Vegetarian Diets

Meat truly is an irresistible thing, isn’t it?

Although there are various diets you can follow that include meat in them, it is best for your body to retain these foods. Vegetarian alternatives truly improve the quality of your diet and help you lose weight faster in a month and effectively due to the following reasons:

  • They lower cholesterol levels
  • Decrease blood pressure issues exponentially
  • Lower the rate of heart diseases by 30%
  • Prevent diseases like cancer
  • Meaty foods greatly contribute to regular obesity and can be a hindrance in your process.

So although your veggies might not seem so appealing, they truly are your best plan of action in order to have a smooth weight loss process and lose fats fast because they will keep the functioning of your body in mint condition, so that it can cooperate more and make it easier to lose weight.


Choosing your fat loss diet plan is an extremely important decision because you’ll have to stick to it for as long as it takes to achieve your goal. You must choose what you think your body needs, in terms of vitamins, proteins and your overall health. Here are a few options for you to analyze because there is no universally fitting diet plan. Fat loss diet plans for females and males are also variant. Each and every body is different and so are its requirements, so hopefully, you find something that is a perfect match to lose weight in about a month.


The phrase “Keto” has become very popular in the world of fitness. So to give you a basic understanding of the term, a vegetarian keto diet contains:

  • Low amounts of carbohydrates
  • Medium amounts of protein
  • High amounts of fats.

There is also a non vegetarian Keto diet plan but vegetarians tend to weigh less than non-vegetarians, and those who adopt veggie filled diets are more successful at losing weight in a month than people who eat animal products.

Of course the Keto meal plan is an extremely strict diet and you can eat and not eat specific things. Cheating your meal plan will be cheating on your body, so here is a list of foods you can’t and can eat:

CAN’T EAT:Non Vegetarian Food

  • Beef, turkey, chicken, pork and other meats. Eggs and seafood are also included in this spectrum.
  • Any form of dairy like milk, cheese, yogurt, butter.

These are the main ingredients that require complete prohibition from the body. If eaten, they can ruin the complete meal plan to lose weight, all at once.

Dairy FoodConsumption of foods like potatoes, pasta, rice, beans, wine, sweetened alcohol, processed food and bread should be reduced greatly and eaten sternly in limited quantities only in order to lose weight.

At this point you must be thinking about how little there truly is to eat in this particular diet in order to lose weight in a month, but that’s actually totally not true. Here are a few things you definitely can eat as alternatives to our usual unhealthy foods:


  • CondimentsCondiments like lemons, yeast, pepper and other spices are completely okay to use in your food if the blandness bothers you a lot.
  • Nuts like almonds and walnuts are also amazing to eat in place of your usual snacks.
  • NutsAn alternative for traditional diary milk can be almond milk or soy milk and nut butter, peanut butter and cashew butter can be replacements for normal butter.
  • There are also substitutes for cheese like cashew cheese and vegan cream cheese.berries
  • Berries like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries can also be enjoyed.

Vegetarian DietsAs for vegetables, Leafy greens, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, mushrooms, tofu, whole avocados are splendid lunch or dinner choices to lose weight fast and olive oil and sunflower oil is allowed.

 The Keto diet may seem very restrictive but the magic is all in the considerately constructed ingredients that it has to offer that have your best health interests in mind. You will surely lose a considerable amount of fat in a month. There are a lot of innovative Keto related recipes for food and smoothies that you can find online that will make your meals far from boring.  Plan out an entire week of foods- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and also decide what time you are going to eat at.  If you are able to maintain this routine and lifestyle, then you will easily lose the weight you want to! You can also invest in the following meal plan chart to help you with the organizing process :


GET ORGANIZED – Weight Loss Meal Planner 



KETO Calculator: Calculate your Ketogenic Diet with this Calculator.




Weightstones lbs

Heightfeet inches

Activity Level

Body fat%

Net carbsgrams

Specify the amount of daily net carbs you'd like to consume. Typically, 20-30 grams is recommended to start with.



Maintenance level is the level at which your weight remains stable.

Your BMR is:1536kcal
Calories to consume:2027kcal
Your fat intake should be:184grams
Net CarbsProteinFat


Below is a range of calorie deficits to help you lose weight. For best results, it is recommended that you opt for a moderate calorie deficit of 10-20%.

Small calorie deficit (11%)

Calories to consume:1804kcal
Your fat intake should be:159grams
Net CarbsProteinFat

Moderate calorie deficit (22%)

Calories to consume:1581kcal
Your fat intake should be:134grams
Net CarbsProteinFat

Large calorie deficit (33%)

Calories to consume:1358kcal
Your fat intake should be:109grams
Net CarbsProteinFat


If you aren’t ready to completely cut dairy and eggs out of your life to lose weight fast, due to your nutrient needs, this diet plan will be for you. The “Lacto-Ovo – Vegetarian” diet can reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease, and help you maintain a healthy weight. People at any age or stage from babies to adults can follow this vegetarian diet plan because it ensures you get the best of vitamins, minerals and proteins for your health.

It contains Vitamin B12, iron and Omega acids, zinc and calcium which together contribute to a healthier you, always. You get to enjoy:

  • Lacto Ovo Diet PlanVegetables
  • Eggs
  • Milk products
  • Fruits
  • Legumes
  • Grains and Nuts

This diet plan is the most authentic vegetarian plan that there is and will definitely be amazing for your weight loss. It is not too extreme and holds a balancing middle ground in the list of plans. Soy products are extremely recommended in this diet.

If you are a person above the age of 50 and looking to lose weight fast in a month, your body absorbs vitamins less effectively, for this purpose, include three servings of milk and milk products in your servings each day. You must also take a vitamin D and B-12 supplement with the consultation and approval of your doctors. You can also take a daily multivitamin supplement. Here are some of the best ones:

Vitamin D3365 Everyday Value, Vitamin D3 5000 IU, 120 ct 



Cooper Complete – Vitamin B12 Supplement – Cherry Flavored Liquid Drops 30 ml – 60 Day Supply 


Biometrix Multivitamin and Mineral Natural Supplement With Ginseng And Gingkgo Biloba 100 Capsules 

Go Vegan

A Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Going Vegan is a lot different than the diet we discussed above. Vegan diet plans don’t allow the consumption of meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products. Instead, they eat things like fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, as well as plant-based milks, other nondairy products, and meat alternatives to lose weight fast, and according to extensive recent studies, going vegan can heavily contribute to your weight loss. Veganism may lead to reducing the number of high-calorie foods you consume. With a vegan diet, you may end up replacing such foods with high-fiber alternatives that are low in calories and keep you fuller longer and allow you to burn your fats within  a month.

For weight loss, women need to maintain their eating up to 1500 calories per day and for Men, the numbers increase to 2000 calories per day. But remember, calories in junk food and actual healthy foods are measured differently. It is easy to get fooled and think that you are eating healthy and following your calorie quantity. Do not over eat vegan junk food or desserts.

Other prominent set of tips are to:

  • Time your meals, it is essential for boosting your metabolism, promoting more breaking down of fats.
  • If you’ve exercised, try eating within 45 minutes of finishing. This will help feed and repair your muscles.
  • Do not eat too close to your bedtime. Consuming calories too close to bedtime is associated with weight gain and sleep disturbances.
  • Keep a check on your food portions. There need to be certain servings of food for the body a day. Make sure you are feeding yourself enough, as under eating is just as dangerous as eating way too much.
  • Avoid sugary drinks or juices, they contain more than 250 calories.

With all these meals plans given to you, here are some general eating-habit related chart topping tips that you should also follow:

  • Eat Steel Cut Oats instead of your regular Granola
  • Replace your Bagel bread with two slices of Whole Grain Toast.
  • Eat Greek yogurt instead of processed fruit yogurts.
  • Half a cup of berries is more beneficial to the body than a glass of juice.

Now that you are well versed with the very best Vegetarian diet plans for you, which when paired with your work out routines will be ideal for your journey of losing weight in a month and for you to achieve your dream body.  Here is a journal that you can maintain to record your eating habits and keep track of yourself, for staying perfectly balanced. It will also be perfect for when you want to reflect on how far you’ve truly come. All the best for your future fitness adventures!


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